wink power

The Power of Winks


The Power of Winks


I had a girl friend once. Ah, but I must have said this already

somewhere along the way.

 Not that it could happen only once referring to a girlfriend.  

 It can happen, you know, it can happen more than once.

At any rate, this one looked at me like so over dinner she prepared for us.

I fail to remember what dish it was she cooked because

 she caught me off guard with a playful flop of her eyelid.

 She must have read what was swirling in my mind from

the way I looked at her.

 And then came another wink, this time a lingering, determined one,

 but one she could not complete because I switched to second gear

and revved it up.

The best part of this learning encounter is that she bore to mind

the way my transmission shifted by a wink.

I learned, too, how to rev it up faster’n Schumacher in rounding corners.

After a time, moving my stick shift to second gear became a routine procedure sans dinner

 but with only a wink.

 My part in the whole thing was to install an automatic transmission for a

responsive and more fluid gear transfer, 

 although I find that I still had to use my stick to shift to “park”.

btw, the girl in the photo is Rhea Santos of Unang Hirit, and never was my girl friend, silly—