water as visa to Heaven

Chapter 7 MOSES


The story of Moses is about as exciting
as the Story of Jesus
but I prefer more the impact of the story of Jesus.
And this is because the main actor in the Story of Jesus
is actually God HIMSELF.
The main actor in the story of Moses is the Prophet himself.
Although his portrayal may not be as good as Charlton Heston’s
the story calls for the ultimate manifestation of
God’s power, HIS Concern for Mankind, HIS desire to be loved
and idolized by Man, and HIS Divine Plan to bring Man
back to HIS Kingdom.
The movie ” The Ten Commandments” is a must see because
it is a profound portrayal of the communication between
God and Moses.
Henceforth, no man will be called to stand as Prophet
if there be no valid, direct communication with God.

(This is a long movie, mind you, and I fell asleep
in the middle of the Sixth Commandment. (Lol)
Just kidding,one does not fall asleep when
Charlton (Moses) Heston is on the screen.)

God exhibits His dominion over Mother Nature in this story.
The Plagues were done with locusts and Frogs and etc.
What may be important to notice is that God makes use
of that very valuable commodity in the Middle East,
which is Water.
It is used in Noah’s Deluge,
the River from which Moses was rescued
the well water which Moses drank,
the parting of the Red Sea,
the changing of water to wine,
and the Baptism of Jesus.
Baptism by water will afterwards form
the VISA from Heaven
by which Man’s soul is qualified to enter
its Gates.
Depicted is God’s Function in the form of a Burning Bush
or a Pillar of Fire.
HIS next depiction will be that in a human form
which will be enacted in person by God HIMSELF.
This person will be Jesus who will redeem mankind.
But remember, Jesus will not redeem mankind by HIMSELF.
HE will merely show the Way by which man will redeem his soul.
HIS Way is not a hard way.
In fact, it is the easiest thing to do.
Once one is baptized with water.
Trust in God.
HE means what HE says.


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