wagging the dog

Assault For Greatness Starts

The assault on the rebuilding of Syria starts

with a missile attack on Homs,

the Syrian air base.

by Israeli warplanes.

It is reported that one Israeli F16 was shot down.

No tomahawk missiles  has been fired yet.

The great American military

is leading from behind as usual,

making the French breach the wall first with drones.

C-H-I-C-K-E-N !

And for what?

The itch to fire the weapons of war.

The Weakness in Trump’s Armor

And so I print the weakness of Donald trump.

Listen closely now

before this post is inadvertently deleted.

not by the Left, though,

they sure would savor this post;

and the next ones of this nature.

This would be my 5,766th post since I started

this site in 2009.

I could have been lots more,

had this site not lose a whole years activity.

Nevertheless, I say that trump’s main weakness

is not in his


but in his


As a consequence, the American military establishment

has gone amok,


and is having its way

of “wagging the dog”.

Generals and Admirals have an affinity to war

and conflict coming close to war.

These endeavors are responsible for medals and promotions

and increase in the size and budget of the military.

Furthermore, it has gone without saying

that America’s economy progresses more rapidly

when the country faces a war.

Also, the country is unified.

This theory does give a kink in the history

of the United States in that

its march to gain supremacy as a world power

has been scripted.

The American generals and Admirals are again guilty of

starting what they appear to need most—-

a military conflict in the Middle east.

Think about this;

Was the war against Japan necessary

or was it intended to be?

Was the atom bombs dropped against Japan necessary?

Was the invasion of Iraq necessary?

Was taking out  Ghadaffi  necessary?

Was moving Russia out of Afghanistan necessary?

Were the incursions in Cuba and Nicaragua necessary?

Is the invasion of Syria necessary?

Was sending arms to the rebels/terrorists necessary.

Think of other wars that the US were in

and check out the way history reads.

The Generals and Admirals were much to eager to play with war.

Donald Trump is brilliant in business, trade and negotiations.

I do not believe he wants a war in his hands.

He would not know anything about war, though,

much less the giving commands to his field commanders.

(Chemical weapons in Syria is a pretext.

the American mercenaries will explode the chemical weapon/s.

Catch them if you can.

Remember, the Americans are there as invaders!

Watch where the 4000 American marines are deployed.

They should not be allowed inside any city.

if you still believe that this city is YOURS!)


The Vanished Wealth

SO! Where is the Ampatuan money?

Not a dime, not a cent, not a plugged nickel was found. The searchers say they found nothing, none in the Ampatuan vault and safes, none in the capitol. If there would be a whitewash, this would be it! Perhaps the Martial Law was lifted too early!

Who has the money?  Maybe the Ampatuans still have the money. Maybe the milf does, or the top army commanders, or even the phil govt.? One thing is sure, there is, or there was money!

Why don’t they look in the commercial banks? Why don’t they look in the mosques? Why don’t they look in the milf camps?  Why don’t they question those who work for the Ampatuan household? This is morolandia. Zarsuelas and moro-moros are acted only by those in power. Now I have that queasy feeling that we are being hoodwinked! Again!. And the trust in the Army personnel has bottomed again. There must still be coddlers in the Army and this starts from the very top of the Order of  Battle. When will these lies stop? Kayang-kaya nilang bilugin ang ulo natin.

I sense also that malacanang does not have a clue of how the army pulls the wool over their eyes. This must be another case of dog-wagging. Perhaps another set of  field commanders will do. There are a lot of diligent gung-ho type of commanders that comes out of the Mindanao battlefield. Unfortunately, and too bad for them, the army frowns upon heroes for fear of public adoration towards these heroes. They get ignored after they receive the awards. The army does not give merit to the medals that it gives.

The army still has to prove that the guns that killed the 57 unarmed people in Maguindanao did not come from the army armory, and that these arms were not provided by the army for the  purpose of getting rid of 57 unarmed people in Maguindanao for political reasons..

The army should come clean and point to the gunrunner, whoever he is or whichever entity it was. Otherwise, no amount of public relations for the army will be good enough .wizard1