unrequited love

The Fallen Angels

The Fallen Angels

The term “Fallen” might be a misnomer,
because they did not actually fall from
God’s grace the same way that happened
to Adam and Eve after Lucifer’s temptation.
They were most probably disgruntled that
God would preoccupy most of HIS time
to the care of Adam and Eve.
So much was this jealousy that their aim
was to prove to God that that Adam and Eve
couldĀ  not be faithful to God due to their weak
human nature.
They still do their angelic functions, though,
but not as diligent as before the Banishment.
This disgruntlement turned to mutiny when
God actually instilled in the Virgin Mary the
makings of what would be the baby Jesus.
However, these mutinous angels came around
after God declared that this Jesus is HIS Son
in whom HE is well pleased.
Realizing that Jesus is GOD HIMSELF in human form,
they went back to the diligent service with God.
And LO, they were actually given the assignment
of guarding each and every human
one angel to each,
for the whole lifetime of each.
And thus was started the guardianship of man
by a multitude of angels.
There are angels who did not recover from
the Mutiny, and are still afflicted with tremendous
jealousy from what is their unrequited love for God.
Evil is now on their minds.
They are now to be called devils, not angels.
And their chosen weapon against man—
—-Possession of the Human Body.
And thus is devised a counter-weapon,

(And so goes the love story of Jesus.)

The Target?

The shooter at the Orlando gay club

may be gay

and if this be true he may have two motives:

the first motive is to redeem himself and his Islamic family

of the fact that he was gay.

And the second motive:

to get at the one person for his

unrequited love.

Whom did he shoot at first?

Was he there at the club?

Which motive holds more water?

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