New Russian Problem


And so as I said they would

the Kurds switched to the side of Assad.

This poses a problem for the Russians,

not the UN.

Turkey would like to buy Russian fighter jets

to augment its missiles.

The Kurds would like to be re-equipped

with Russian heavier weapons to replace

the American-made arms.

Since the Kurds will form a buffer for Syria against Turkey,

and Turkey would get rid of the Kurds’ irritating border mischiefs,

and The Kurds will have a more than permanent settlement,

Russia will be patron of all these endeavors.

The result will, of course, effectively eliminate the

American presence in the region.

But then again, what I have just said

has yet to happen, no?

Sightseeing Jets



The Americans like to see the sights.

But never were their eyes made for seeing.

A Russian jet was intercepted twice by Turkish F-16’s.,,

after which the Russian envoy to Turkey was summoned twice.

It was a mistake, said the Russians, due to navigational errors.

It was a lie, of course, because twice an error is too much.

The NATO Sec-Gen made a great play out of these incidents,

hamming it up a bit as he again attempts to drum up a furor

against his pet peeve, the Russians.

The intrusion were, I surmise, recon flights for the purpose

of taking photos of a highway that conveys oil to and arms from

a certain point of interest.

This is what is equivalent to a Ho Chi Minh Trail.

It is the main artery that feeds the ISIL in both arms and provisions.

But I would not declare that the big NATO ally, Turkey, is the fall guy for

the whole Middle east mess.

It is the American intelligentsia which is the sap,

and the unblinking American public which is the Pagliacci.

NATO has fallen for this and may be in connivance with it.

They should remember, though, that this supply highway has to go through

the territory of the Kurds who may request the Russians for aid.

By the bye-ing way,

another one of my desktops is visibly shaken up by faltering communication,

giving light that some other computer is hot linked to it.

How many times will I have to tell them

that such info like what I just wrote up there

did not come from any other source

excepting from my pure guessing and reckoning.

Well, I do like the idea that my words affect

other people enough for them to act that way.

I must add

that the people responsible for the shelling of the hospital in Kunduz

should not be seriously blamed for this action.

I can sense anger and frustration in them when they did it.


Turkey Retaliates


Turkey hits back with its own shelling of Syria.

Syrian shells have been raining on some parts of the Syrian-Turkish border, particularly om that area where Syrian refugees congregate en masse.

Now why would Syria, with not much firepower and manpower to boot, provoke Turkey which has a large NATO army?

Syria may probably be trying to disrupt whatever there are of supply lines which are trickling down from a lane in Turkey. This supply line may look somewhat like the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the Vietnam War. The difference is that the Americans refrain from bombing the Ho Ch Minh Trail when it zigzags closer to civilians. Syrian gunners, on the other hand, ignores the fact that the supply line is close to civilians and target it just the xame.

And so begins the conflict between Turkey and Syria, and NATO will be forced to show its hand.

This will keep the West busy and less attention will be focused on Iran.

The Turkey Leftover Solution.


Usually leftover turkey from the Thanksgiving dinner is rehashed. But sometimes even the best rehash that one can concoct is still not that inviting for the kids to eat.

I would suggest cooking two much smaller turkeys, one for Thansgiving dinner and the other is cooked AFTER Thanksgiving Day.

There will surely be little leftovers from the fisrt turkey (or none at all) served on Thanksgiving Day.

Cook the second turkey on the next day so that when the kids ask for turkey (again) serve the newly roasted turkey and presto, there is again an after-Thansgiving dinner consumed with gusto.

Imagine how much turkey bones can be collected afterwards for the turkey-macaroni soup!