The Son of God speaks

Chapter 11, The Seven Last Words

 The Seven last Words

The sign above his head reads INRI, or King of the Jews.
This is to signify the Roman mastery over the Jews
and at the same time to mock their beliefs.
These word are related by eyewitnesses of the Crucifixion
by both HIS closest friends and relatives.
In these hours, Jesus performs HIS function as both
Son of Man and Son of God.
What follows is my insight on the occasion,
not God’s, because HE would have other things to think of
while HE is nailed on the Cross.
This is for your perusal and is free for you to download
and use later as a reference.
Just in case.

First of Seven:

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

These words mark the main reason for the Coming of Christ–
They actually form the theme of the Story of Jesus
and what His work was all about—
that of forgiveness, redemption, and love for the enemies.
These words give meat to HIS other spoken words of :
“Turn the Other Cheek”,
even if by doing so one stands to lose the rest of his head
by decapitation.

Second of Seven:

“Today, you will be with ME in Paradise”

HE said this when one nailed to another cross
asked jesus to remember him in Paradise.
Imagine how elated was Jesus to know that HIS work had
been fruitful, that people will now bow down to HIM
in supplication and adoration.
These words also prove HIS authority over the Heavens
and that HE make sinners enter Paradise with HIS will.
HE IS GOD, and HE has made it easier for man to enter Paradise.
Man needs not to blow himself up
nor to behead others
nor to kiss a charcoal-black rock
to enter Paradise.
A simple, sincere plea for forgiveness will do
at anytime, any place, in front of an altar or not.

Third of Seven:

“Woman, behold, your son….Behold, your Mother”

These words ring all over and for those who meditate on them
will sink that these words are actually God’s decree that Mothers
should be placed on pedestals and nothing should be refused
of what they ask for.
Women give birth, and nurture, and care, and love,
the kind of love that made God create Adam and Eve.
To feel the love of a Mother was God’s intention for creating Man.
And HE felt this love from Mary.
HE will realize later on when HE would have felt
the extreme fervor and love from HIS Saints.
This would require another chapter but for the meantime,
Jesus has placed HIS Mother under the care of John
which further decreed the importance of women.


(2 B continuar, whatever that means)