Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon

The ABS-CBN  Harapan  provided an excellent insight to the sensitivity of Senator Richard Gordon, The Man. He talks about his hero—his American father who was slain for showing an impassioned love for the Philippines and its people.


Richard Gordon video clip No. 1

Richard Gordon video clip No. 2

Richard Gordon video clip No. 3

The MAN seeks to transform the country for the better,

uplifting the plight of the people

and making the country progressive

using logical, positive  solutions.


(The people should give him a big hurrah, to say the least!)


Richard Gordon

For the benefit of those who would like to have a copy of The Karen Davila’s HEADSTART interview with presidential candidate Richard Gordon, the following video clips are now downloadable.

Transformer video clip no. 1

Transformer video clip no. 2

Transformer video clip no. 3

Transformer video clip no. 4

Transformer video clip no. 5

Transformer video clip no. 6


Richard Gordon

This man is finally given the chance to say his piece on ABS-CBN without being charged for it. He has an axe to grind for this. I can’t blame him—it may be too late the chance.

This is the candidate that I said is a man of logic and of sane reasoning, and who has solutions that the country need. And these solutions, they actually work!

gordon141These video clips are from a one-to-one interview with Karen Davila’s HEADSTART. For the benefit of those who had no chance to watch him on TFC, we’ll give him a good berth here.  I hope the post can hold all six video clips of Dick and Karen.

Transformer video clip no.1

Transformer video clip no.2

Transformer video clip no.3

Transformer video clip no.4

Transformer video clip no.5

Transformer video clip no.6

I like the way Dick Gordon talks. In fact I would have said it the way he does. Let us have more of him on tv. Even if he loses this election, we would have his ideas as a sort of standard of reference for the new government of the country. What he says would be considered a stick by which these politicos should be measured.


Richard Gordon


Using a lot of logic in leadership, a hands-on policy of command, and a whole lot of successes in the projects that he handled, Senator Richard Gordon enters the fray with a bagful of confidence and several bagfuls of practical ideas on how to fix the problems of the country. The impression I get of him is that of a Mr. Fix-it man who is coming in with all his tools that work.

If he succeeds in getting elected to the post, the country will then have a legitimate highest paid mechanic ever. And he already has the international clout to boot!

Sen. R. Gordon on Harapan