Credit Scam Chapter 7

As The Story Goes


It looks like I will be unable to make a draft. But what the heck, here goes for As the story Goes. Be informed that this story may be a fish story  So consider it as whatever it would to make you at peace.

Also, this is not meant to point the blame at Telus, Capital One Costco, my bank, the CRA, or even the RCMP. These well-meaning  ORGS are actually unawares that this is happening. What may be required, as a suggestion, is to store the data that are entrusted to them very selfishly. There are some unguarded moments that a concerted enterprise do slip through to commandeer their organizational controls and equipment

A call came to my land phone from the area code 315, New York, somewhere in Newark. Now I already made arrangements to the few people who would communicate with me to use other means than with my land phone. But I did contact a web hosting service in New York the day before so I answered the phone. The guy told me that there is a charge on my credit card for $1300 and another charge from ebay for $400, asking me if I would accept the charges. I said NO, adding “Where will I get that kind of money?”

He hung up before he could answer which credit card it was. It so happens that I was poring at one of my credit card balances on line. I could not see any charge on this card. He may also be looking at what I have on my screen, so I unplugged the wired internet connection to my Lenovo desktop and turned on my Alienware desktop to switch ip addresses and looked at the other credit card balances. Still OK. But I am aware that the guy had an East Indian accent. They all do.

Not long after comes another call from the same area code of Edmonton stating the finicky word “security, Capital One” asking for my credit card number starting with 5160. Sounds legit but since I am about to cancel this card anyway.

And besides I already called  Costco Ella who patched me through to Lora who called her Manager as I requested. I told her that I had my card shredded and to have my number cancelled. The manager, Cindy, cancelled the number and added that she will give me a new number. I agreed but to send the card to me only and only if I ask for it.

Going back to “security, Capital One,”she said her name was Mary, a common name of course, even call center people use aliases. So I gave her the number of the credit card that she did not know was already  cancelled. Also a lot of unnecessary questions she asked which I answered with mostly untrue data. She even got curious as to my year of birth which made me only a bit younger than Methuselah. At the end, she provided a confirmation code for the refund, CR1596. But then how will I get a refund if there is no charge to my account. She should have said “cancel” instead of refund.

Mary knows a lot of information about me, where I bank with, my credit card balance which happens to be zero, and my upcoming benefit rewards. She mentioned the address of my bank including the street by which it was laid out by Canadian street-naming method. This info is all in the paper bill as printed out. But she could not tell me which is the street and which is the avenue in the address she spelled to me. Worse, she could not tell me what shopping mall the bank branch is named for. She is at a lost even to what the word “mall” means. BUT, she did contact my cell phone using the Capital One  six-number official phone (227898).

The other person to call me, as promised by Mary, did call me. HE used a 780- area code phone number which seems to be close to my district. (wuups) My Alienware antivirus warned me of a quarantine of MyWebsearch.hrc just now while I post, and the language is in German. It reads Wir verkaufen lhre nicht an dritte. Cookie:Einstellungen Verwalten. (whatever that means.)

Anyway the guy who called me speaks fluent Canadian or American English, same as Mary, and he said the refund in question amounts to $900 from Germany. But I had to call this number first:

(star)721 705 300 1870

This I dialed using asterisk for star and an automated voice said “connection successful”.

The same guy was still talking. And he asked if I had other credit cards to which I said lots., which actually made him frantically eager for more info. Then I gave him the name of one bank which I had no dealings with.

During the course of this conversation with him I dialed the phone number that he is calling from with my cell phone. Guess what? That phone number is not connected. If it was, my cell would have beeped a busy signal. And Telus answered it cannot be connected.

And when the guy mentioned debit card number, I hanged up.

What ensued afterwards was several frantic calls to both my land phone and cell phone coming from several phone numbers. Ridiculous! One of them starts with 011-780. HAH! It is an overseas call from the district I am in.

Worst—-the last registered call had a phone number which began with the first three numbers of my own phone number  plus the 4-number PIN that I use for Telus.

Your question should be : “Where did the refund go?” It is certain that it will be in the Capital One Costco books as debit-refund, $900.




The PHAP, and those that threaten to close their private hospitals if the effectivity of the Cheaper medicines Act is not extended, are engot!

The pharmaceutical companies have already agreed on giving rebates to those who purchased the drugs at a higher price than what the new Law laid out. The least they would do is file for this rebate and prove that the drugs that they have are legitimate and paid for.

Or the hospitals could return the drugs and ask for a refund. Of course the return should be covered by legitimate receipts made out to the legitimate hospitals.

So what is the threat to close for?