Putin lays his chessboard

Putin’s Chessboard

putin's chessboard


Putin lays down his chessboard

 smack dab over the heads of American-trained Syrian rebels,

(about five of them remains!).

His is a different kind of chessboard

in that it can open an assault without

moving a pawn nor a knight,

He starts his offensive with long-range

bombing attacks with jet planes and rockets.

It is possible that he is still massing his armor

for the penultimate sweep of the ISIL

if given the go-signal by the U.N.

If I were the the one facing him across the chessboard,

and assuming that he plays white since he made the first move,

I would expect that his next attack would be irresistible.

Putin is not one to dilly-dally and wallow

in camp after camp.

He would leapfrog one cavalry unit after the other.

One unit advances wile the other refuels.

And presently, also, I have no air power,

and my tanks have not been properly maintained.