NATO too weak


With the prospect of an escalation between Russia and Turkey,

NATO will be caught with its pants down.

With nothing but skeleton forces

stationed on its borders

NATO is a dead duck for sure

should Russia unleash its long-range bombers

and cruise missiles.

France has a decrepit armored force

and its single aircraft carrier

can only send out fighters

designed for short-range skirmishes.

Germany’s panzers lack maintenance

and all the rest of NATO is very much

engaged on agriculture

not ordnance.

England hustles to buy the defective

F-35’s and Turkey has only F-16’s.

Canada’s CF-18’s are old and actually

is worth only as much as

the Value Village will offer for them.

Now we see why NATO

is terrified of a Russian escalation.

For another American Crusade in Europe to be undertaken

The US may run out of paper to print money on

to pay for the invasion.