Waiting For The Strike

Iran is not de-escalating.

Neither is it escalating.

IT IS consolidating.

Preparations are being made for the attack

which is in response to the assassination

of its top general.

The Iranian military promised a strike

but my hunch is it will not be from the military arm.

It would be from a specialized mercenary force.

This method relieves Iran from the international

rules regarding intentions to declare war.

In other words, this method does not fall within

the articles of war.

It should be remembered that it was the Americans

that used these mercenaries effectively in the Middle East,

even renaming the armed force as private contractors.

Guess what. The Iranians will use these private contractors

quid pro quid or whatever.

More confusion will thereafter arise because these

Iranian private contractors

are actually within the US already.

It should be recalled that the Persians have been using mercenaries

already during the reign of Darius.

Remember Xenophon’s 10,000 Greeks?

An attack using private contractors will not represent a violation

of the Rules of War and therefore will not imply a declaration of war.

Incidentally, the private contractors in service for the US

have provided a whole load of false intelligence info

to their  handlers causing confusion in the militry

and the diplomatic corps in such a way that there

is a growing rift between these branches of government.

Their last report is that Soleimani is planning a big attack.

My guess is that the plan was actually to synchronize

with the religious organzations to ask the Iraqi government

to kick out the American troops.

Which they did, anyway.

But no killing was intended.

In fact, the Iranian military does not kill Americans.

extremists do that,

But for the Americans,

the whole blasted Muslim people are extremists.

FYI, extremists are not soldiers.Big mistek!


The Syrian Irritant

The US intruded into Syrian territory without consent

from Syria nor the UN.

This is in itself becomes an irritant on the US-Russia relations.

As was the case, the Americans bombed  Syrian National Forces,

or those forces under the army of the legitimate Syrian government.

The US-Russia agreement is to fight against the ISIS.

The US is complicating what could be a simple matter that requires  a simple solution.

Both the US and Russia should ask themselves

with whom is the ISIS fighting with

and against whom is the ISIS fighting.

The answer would simply be that the ISIS is fighting with the US/rebels

and the US is providing arms and support to the ISIS/rebels.

Furthermore, it has been an inherent fault of American pilots,

whether they fly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Korea,

that they bomb indiscriminately,

killing friendly forces.

My question would be—

why is the US fighting with the ISIS and rebels to bring down the

democratically elected government of Syria?

For oil, for money, for ICBM bases,

for security of Israel?

My solution would be—-build your ICBM bases in Israel

get out of Syria and let the Russians and Syria

fight the terrorists.

As regards to Syria, the US has made an aggressive act.

Bringing down the competition (Iran and Syria)

is not the way to make America great!

(disband the American mercenaries)

The EU Totters

Europe United cannot stand by itself.

It now totters.

Greece is about to fall.

A great many thanks to the rest of EU

for this matter.

The Greeks have been abandoned.

Bailouts? That won’t work, again!

Greece will not, cannot support itself financially.

Too many people receiving subsidies.

Not too many industries providing employment.

Not any other country pitching in to help.

There are ways to prevent the Greek demise.

But then again nobody cares to listen.

Think about it this way:

Foreign industries should have come in to Greece.

Or Greeks go out of Greece

to work as foreign workers.

It is a simple matter of outsourcing work towards Greece.

Or making foreign workers out of Greeks.

These solutions to avoid such despised situations

as “forced austerity”

or reduced pensions.

Think also about the Grecian age of conquests

started by the Macedonian called Philip.

Think hoplites!

Or more pistachios, please!


Mercenaries With US Dollars



Under No Flag


Under No Flag

There was one army that pacified the region of what we now call the Middle East. It was the Greek army of Alexander The Great. It may be argued that Napoleon conquered the Middle East. Perhaps not. Napoleon was an empire builder not a conqueror. He did not make a lasting mark on the region. The French Foreign Legion did, but never Napoleon. And Rommel? He was busy holding the allies at bay before they can get to Germany from the south. Also, he was to prevent the Allies from forming another Arab Legion in the area. Rommel was a pure militarist, not a politician. And who, General Schwarzkopf? Nah!  His end run to the left flank in the Persian Gulf War was a grandiose waste of gas and time. He could have punched through the enemy lines on the right flank where the enemy was weak. The Iraqis were massed on that right flank but the army tanks were dug in making it a stationary defense. Artillery and A-10’s could have knocked them out in a bunch.

Alexander the Great, he did it. He pacified, conquered, and subjugated up to and across Russia. But really, I was not going to deal about Alexander the Great, although you must admit, I caught your avid interest on the subject. Now (shifting gears) Alexander met something he was expecting to. He encountered General Xenophon and his Greek army of 10,000. Historians may well have padded the number of 10,000, but his Greek army may have conscripts from the local population. You see, he was fighting for the Persian Darius The Great, and Xenophon leads a private army of mercenaries.

Xenophon had no chance in the encounter. Alexander was leading the much disciplined army of his father (Philip of Macedon) which incorporates the Greek phalanx, the Theban archers, the Companion cavalry, and the hoplites.

And we drifted again. Seriously now, the army which would pacify the Middle East and would get rid of the terrorists will have to fight an unconventional war, one which requires a regular army fighting an irregular war. Specifically, I am referring to a private army using a chain of command, ranks, and Order of battle or traits that befit a regular drafted and trained army. This army would be like Xenophon’s 10,000 and fighting under contract, without loyalty to any country, and under no flag. It’s a mercenary army, that’s what it is.

Africa has these mercenaries formed into private armies. The members are called Soldiers of Fortune, fighting for pay. They would require no health care and life insurance, no pension, and virtually nothing to tie them to those who pay them.

The United   States could form these mercenary armies. Think of the advantages—the United   States will not be responsible for whatever happens to them The U.S. will only be responsible for paying them per mission. The army would be similar to the French Foreign Legion but they will be considered as privateers, whatever that means.

America is rich in veterans of armed conflicts, draftees, and weapons experts, and volunteers. Foreign nationals would rush in to volunteer. Think about it, these soldiers of fortune will counter the terrorist bombers with armed assassins. This would settle the score and at the same time sweep the region free from Al Q. the beautiful part of it is that there would be nothing to hold them back, not international politics, not any fence, and not any resentment.

Also these army for hire may be disbanded at any time that their work is finished.



Foreign Fighters


Foreignfighters? I thought so. But didn’t I tell you befoer?

I must have, only I called them mercenaries instead.

And there are other groups of mercenaries,

Foreign fighters.mpg