The Promised Repercussion

The much-revered American Five Star general

Douglas MacArthur had that jolt

when the Chinese launched attacks

from across the Yalu River.

This action marked the Chinese entry

towards the Korean war.

As a natural reaction,

honed from years of dealing

with oriental psychology,

General MacArthur launched his own attack

on the Chinese across the Yalu River.

That act got him relieved of his command

of the UN Police Force in Korea.

But that action stopped the Chinese

from sending in more troops to Korea.


Vladimir Putin may be considering the same

action as General MacArthur,

but the world now knows that he is not

an impulsive man.

But he is still angry.

The Russians, and the rest of the world

is mad at Turkey for shooting down

the Russian jet from behind.

Putin may react differently

and not without surprise.

And this action may very well solve

the Syrian problem with finality.

I may tell what his ‘repercussion’ will look like

but you have to come back tomorrow to read about it.

Till then, read well,

because by then I will not be guessing.

Instead, I will be suggesting.

 Note that this suggestion is one answer

to Obama’s dare to present a plan.