Keystone pipeline

The Pipes of Pan

If you are not familiar with the above caption,

never mind, it does not mean anything.

The TransCanada Company,

or that company which has been trying for years

to build the Keystone XL Pipeline

down across the United States,

has requested the US Government

to postpone the review of

the pipeline application.

The US Government refuses to have a pause

in the review of Transcanada’s application.

The nerve!

After delaying the approval of the application

for so many times in so many years,

the US Government now says it will

not stop reviewing the application.

Well, let it be what they want it to be,

TransCanada will pause and rest

for maybe that time when a new administration

would be favorable to the Keystone Pipeline,

referring of course to a Republican Government.

Egad, Canada has learned to dangle

the Pipeline carrot to the US

the same way it was dangled to Canada.

Keystone Clash



Keystone Clash.mpg

The Light At The End of the Pipe….


And so goes Obama’s trend of thinking regarding the Keystone Pipeline.

He says the oil going through must be clean, or at least this is what I understood from him.

OK, we Canadians not only see the light as regards the approval of the Keystone Pipeline to go through the U.S.

We actually see it being built already. Why? Because Canadian oil is the cleanest in the world. How do we know this?

HEY, floods and tornadoes may dirty up our place, but not from the oil that is  in the place.