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Flight 752

Interesting it should be

to determine what caused this plane to crash in flames.

I will attempt to opine something on this on the next post

after I finish running some software

(which has nothing to do with the flight)).

What I can say at this time is that there are things

similar to the crash of MH17 and the demise of MH370.

Both are Boeing 777″s  , but this plane manufacturer

is not to be blamed for this.

For the 737max, maybe, but the software developed for the 737max

was meant to prevent the unfortunate incidents of the 777’s.

Boeing  just did not have the right idea what caused the 777 incidents.

My first guess for the 752 is that everything went awry

immediately after the autopilot was switched on at 8000 ft.

The black box may confirm this.

Incidentally, and for the Iranian authorities,

they should allow us Canadians to help in determining what

caused the crash.

Forget about foreign diplomatic rules and regulations.

We Canadians are not against Iranians.

In fact we Canadians are not against anybody.

The only asset that we Canadians have

which seem to annoy every other nationality

is that we are exceptionally good looking.

You can keep the black boxes,

can we just have a peek at it?