Chapter 4 The Chosen People

The Chosen People

So many botched offerings to HIM
has invoked the idea that there would be
a particular group of people that would be
adaptable to follow the cardinal rule
of obedience to HIS commandments.
Then HE saw this group and he liked what HE saw.
They are closely-knit within the family
and with the neighbors.
What is more, they are persevering, industrious,
uncomplaining, obedient, give much adoration
to the father and to the mother, and give gratitude
to whatever entity provided the food on the table.
But what is most—-these people grow their own food
and not raid from others;
even accomplishing what was impossible to do :
make the desert bloom.
Truly amazed is God and Mother Nature.
It is good to communicate with this people, say God,
and HE may even talk to them personally, as one of them.
But this is getting ahead of our story.
Anyway, at present day, even after the changes in liturgy,
the Jews are still HIS Chosen People;
notwithstanding the fact that this people were the ones
that had HIM crucified
and then abandoned the Promised Land.
After all HE has said lovingly,
“They do not know what they are doing.”


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Jordan, Not Israel

Trump and Putin agreed to having Jordan,

not Israel,

to aid in the Syrian ceasefire talks.

I guess Assad will not consent to Israel.,

but he would be happy with Jordan,

considering this country accepts Syrian refugees.

My hunch was wrong this time.

But I will still vote for Israel

to be in the picture

as a snapshot!

In the future.

The Iran Deal

The Uncertainty over Iran’s progress with refining uranium initiates this massive argument whether this deal is good or bad. We forget that Iran would just as soon buy this refined uranium from other countries which are favorable to Iran. Therefore, whatever is the situation about Iran’s capabilities, nuclear inspections are required to remove the uncertainty of Iran’s nuclear capabilities.


For these particular inspections, the US is willing to remove some sanctions for Iran. Removal of these sanctions, however, will allow Iran to import more equipment necessary to complete its nuclear program. The US is banking that the inspections will determine which equipment are to be allowed in, and at what stage the development is on Iran’s nuclear program.

We now see why the Iran Deal is difficult to explain to the Americans,  and to Israel, in particular.

Out of Focus

I see that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer himself is on site in the Hamas-Israel conflict.

Well, good for him, and CNN, and Israel

because he sees the side of Israel, mostly.

What we would like to know are the facts

not the figures,

the truth not the smoot.

This cannot be done if the camera is focused only on Israel.

It appears that in this region

there exists only the land that is peopled by Israelis,

and the rest is that which is peopled by the natives.

In this situation, political problems cannot be solved by diplomacy.

The UN has seen to it that there be only qualified diplomats

from Israel and not any from the natives.

Israel, being alone amidst adverse conditions,

have the right to defend itself.

But at what point will retaliation be considered


Another Ceasefire?

Below is the Egyptian proposal of a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

I see a proposal but I do not see the enforcing factor.

They must be kidding.


What I believe is that the proposal  says

Hamas should stop hurling rockets to Israel first.

And afterwards Israel ceases firing all its armaments

towards the Palestinian civilians

but will continue firing on any Hamas provocation.

It’s a joke.

The proposal is one-sided.

And there is nothing to penalize that side

that will break the ceasefire.

Hundreds have been killed by this hostilities

all on the Palestinian side

nothing on the Israeli side.

Notice also that the root cause of the hostilities

are not to be discussed.

What for will there be a ceasefire?

Israel Today