Iranian intrigues

Compassionate Revenge

Iran promised “hard revenge” for the assassination

of top general Soleimani and sent more than a dozen

ballistic missiles towards two air bases in Iraq.

This turned out to be a compassionate revenge

because the missiles purposely missed their targets

by a long shot, some of theme even unarmed.

But it did placate the Iranians’ lust for revenge

and gave Trump the cue he needed to yap it up

on public television.

What may have probably upstaged his lego

is the incident which brought a Boeing 737 down

under dubious causes from the Tehran airport.

I am going to make another guess in that this was caused

by a drone controlled by the same team of private contractors

that was in trouble with the Iranians before.


That remote drone airwave can reach that far

and explode something inside the plane!

Drone warfare—new fangled but deadly video game warfare

(Check out your recordsĀ on MH17 or Boeing 777, circa 2014)