House Vs. Senate

War Drums

War drums resound after Pelosi’s House

impeached the President of the United States.

This is one astounding feat.

But Senate Leader McConnell vows in public

that Trump will not be removed from office.

This is one sour spit.

He has now declared

that in the forthcoming Senate impeachment trial of Trump,

the Republican Senators will act

as both Judge, Jury, and Defense for Trump.

This prompted the House Democrats

to withhold the Articles of Impeachment from the Senate.

This is a requisite for the Senate to start the impeachment.

The Democrats require guarantees that the trial process

in the Senate will be fair or the Articles will be withheld.

This sort of gives Trump a dose of his own medicine—

quid pro quo

or quit from quote

as a favor.

What happens if this status quo extends to election time?

Is a person under a suspended impeachment trial

qualified to run for public office?

(my gosh, I did indulge on the latin words this time, no?)