House of cancer

CANCER, what have we missed?

The human body is a perfect machine.

Well. almost!

It can protect itself, defend itself, grow by itself, and even repair itself.

All this in relation to external sources and threats.

Not when the threat source comes from inside it.

And as I said before

the human body will fall from within.

Cancer is the threat from within itself.

And this being so

there is no cure for it

at least none if it comes from external means.

The cure, if any, will have to come from within.

The posts that follow after this

may explain what we have missed in

the “cure” for cancer.

Don’t MISS these posts.

I assure you these posts will be

in easy to understand terms with

no rocket science in them.


The Starting Line

While cancer is one way whereby the human body may kill itself

this would be by no means intentional,

rather it would be by errors or misfortunes

that this may be so.

I would say more by errors than misfortunes.

More so, while science has the dogged propensity to find the cure for cancer,

it is by no means successful up to the present, perhaps because

cancer is actually the human body’s attempt to cure itself.

To find a cure for a cure  would not be inviting an endeavor

since there would be no cure for a cure.

On the other hand, if scienctists would find ways to assist the human body

repair its own mistake it would be more sensible

and more attractive as an endeavor.

I am not saying that the scientists have missed something

because their performance has been lack-lustre.

I am merely saying that they may have missed something.

This post therefore will start other posts

to expand the field of study from a non-pro’s

point of view.

Moreover, the  next posts will be cognizant of what

Edgar Allan Poe would declare as :

This house of cancer

will fall from within”