After the hectic fiestas and the succulent fruits of May,

after the heavy rains and the cumbersome floods of June,

come the heat and the doldrums of July.

Beneath the santol tree, or the sampaloc tree, and mainly the mango tree

Are gathered the children of the barrio folk  to savour the simple joys of boyhood.


Simple games comprise these simple joys, and one of these games is the Hole-In-George.

Here, four or five holes are dug in a line and amid the meticulously swept yard under the shade.

The holes are half as deep as golf holes and spread four meters apart. The number of players is of no consequence,

 The goal for each player is to sink his marble into all the holes in order,

forward then back. The first one who reaches the last hole on the homestretch wins the game.

If a marble is struck by another marble in play, this marble goes back to repeat the course.

And the marble That struck it is still in play continuing from where it landed.

Players may organize themselves into groups, each group having to play only one marble.

The strategy is to get closer to the next hole and at the same time have a safe distance away from the other marbles.


Why did they call it Hole-In-George?

Every time some marble gets in a hole via rolling from the ground, the owner of the marble gets to say,

“Holen,george!” and thus the name of the game—“Hole-In-George”

The marble is, of course, called a “holen”.

As anyone can see, the game is a friendly one, and there is no need to play dirty.

Everybody is dirty, anyway, what with the game being played close to the ground. :lol:


I must apologize, though, because this post is supposed to be one that deals with The Black Hole,

and the title was meant to be “Hole In Black”.


Ah, well…….