Hillary Clinton

Charmed, I’m Sure


While the Republican National Convention

bristled with brawn and bravado,

the Democratic National Convention

 crackled with children and charm.

Surviving the Benghazi


After the grilling and the badgering

Hillary Clinton

is still on deck.

Next she will try

for the Captain’s Cabin



The Democratic Presidential Debate

My impression of Hillary Clinton is that

she has her feet planted firmly on deck,

so much so that it would take a really

heavy squall to dislodge her.

Bernie Sanders professes to have

everything down pat as regards his objectives

when he becomes President.

He appears to be on a crusade to topple

Wall street and have the middle class

get a taste of luxurious living.

Presidential Introductions


Hillary Clinton introduces two Presidents.


Presidential Intros.mpg

Hillary Says Goodbye



Benghazi Intelligence


Who sez the Benghazi intelligence report was wrong?

It was as accurate as a report can be!

Perhaps people should know

that the Benghazi attack was done not by a single group

 but an assortment of rioting and terrorist groups.

The purposes of the attack was as varied as the number of groups involved.

Revenge, protests, terrorism, excitement,

were some of the motives.

One underlying motive should be learned also—

and that is—-there is some dubious motive to get

American weaponry and military involved

in the Middle East conflicts again.

Anyway, why is it very important for some  people

to find out who did this attack?

For all you know, the Americans in Benghazi

were not supposed to be done in.


Rubbing It In.mpg

Hillary Clinton


Hillary In Japan




Hillary in Japan.mpg

Russian Arms to Syria




Russian Arms.mpg

Hillary Clinton


The U.S. Secretary of State in India



Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton

 i agree 101%, Most Admired Woman!

Libyan Gratitude


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Libyan Gratitude.mpg

(see? No money, and no nursemaiding either!)

Another Cyclic Redundancy…

In all those times that an American high official visits the Philippines, there is formed a group that makes a protest or a street rally against the United States.

This time, it will be against the VFA, Visiting Forces Agreement.

This agreement is nothing but beneficial to the country. Ask the Armed Forces of the Philippines, they benefit mostly from the modern weapons and technology that the US Armed Forces bring to the country. Why, the Philippine Intelligence Service could use the surveillance equipment handed over to the AFP, including those IT hacking expertise.

Protests and rallies may also be a form of intimidating the US to give us something in cash or in kind, but they are hardly considered good for those in good terms with the Americans who are also good benefactors.

The Americans would not do anything to harm the special relations between the Philippines and the US. Besides, they know that the Filipinos are good, intelligent, happy-go-lucky people who always side with the Americans when things get rough.

And hey, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets my vote. She has been through a lot. She deserves admiration and respect, mine at least.

Calm Down, people, she is here to see how she can help!