God comes down as Jesus

Chapter 10 : Plan B, The Redemption

Plan B : The Redemption

You may be expecting this post to deal with
the Life of Jesus.
i repeat that this story deals with the Divine Plan
from God’s viewpoint.
Not that I know God personally
and that I now claim to be a prophet.
Goodness, no, that would be blasphemy
or whatever you may call it.
Do not treat this as gospel, but just a story,
or to be more specific, a commentary.
Lots of sources you can get for the info about the
life of Jesus, because isn’t His life dubbed
as the Greatest Story Ever Told?
But this post is something worth considering,
particularly if you are wondering why God did this.
Well, the Redemption project was conceived
after Adam and Eve fell From Grace.
Great realization it was for God to know that
Man is unpredictable when given Free Will
because the choices he make may not be
what God would want.
In other words, disrespect of God’s Commandments
and disobedience may be what  dictate Man’s choices.
Bringing Man back to HIS Protection requires Redemption
to free Man from the Original Sin with the Tree of Knowledge.
Such a plan would require Man to redeem himself by himself.
Man has always complained that God’s Commandments are
difficult to follow because Man is prone to commit sin.
Therefore the plan should be that Man should be taught
the Way to Salvation by HIMSELF, and not by the prophets,
(a project which has failed in so many trials).
God must teach man the way by being human,
or that which would have the frailties and weaknesses of man.
HIS teaching would be more believable if HE were to assume
the form that would suffer hunger, thirst and pain.
HE has to temper His body and walk across the desert,
and to withstand temptations by the devil.
Also, to prove hat He is the Messiah,
healing powers was displayed.
Even bringing back dead people to life proves
that He is whom He claims He is.
The plan was difficult in that the Son of Man must show
the frailties of Man and at the same time prove that
He is the all-powerful, omnipotent God.
And then, the whole process of Redemption must show
without doubt that God loves Man.
After all this is what the this story is all about—-
Jesus, a love story between God and Man.
The Project of Redemption must also be easily understood
by all peoples, and all walks of life, so Jesus spoke in parables.
And then, the most important item of all—-
the Plan must be memorable for all time.
God knows that when Man proposes his love to another,
man declares that if need be HE WILL DIE FOR HIM, OR HER!!!
So the Son of Man will have to die a memorable death.
or a very painful and pitiful crucifixion.


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