free will

Jesus, A love Story chapter 1

Jesus, A Love Srory
Chapter 1 The Beginning

Before the Beginning was the Void.
Empty as it seems it contains the Heavens
and the Firmament, which moved faster than
the speed of light that rendered them invisible
until God points a finger to one of the particles
and this slowed it down to visibility
bringing with it the rest of what is left.
And thusly did matter materialized
into one big bang.
And then there was light.
God saw this was a better sight
glancing even to one attractive blue planet
which seem to be restless with creatures that quiver
ever so restlessly.
And God proceeded to calm them down,
providing some with gills and fins and snouts,
others with beaks and wings,
others with fangs and furs,
still others with hands and feet.
Better still, to continue this work,
He provided them with a caretaker
who would provide all these things continuously
according to their needs.
He called this entity, Mother Nature, and hencforth
all things that give birth will be called Mother and,
in this case, will be responsible for evolution;
unless God comes in to speed things up.
And this He did when, returning eons later
after completing His Grand Design of
comets, and galaxies, and planets elsewhere,
one activity in this Blue Planet caught His Divine Eye
—-one haired creature nursing a smaller one
and looking at it with tender, caring eyes
and the smaller one touching her cheek
while looking at her eyes so trustingly.
For all the infinite instances of being God,
He has never witnessed anything like this
much less feel what it is like to be loved.
He has all the Angels to care for His needs
or even love Him, but they never can love Him
this way without compulsion.
The Angels are all compelled to love Him because
they are His creations.
He thought it must be more Godly to be loved
by something which is not compelled to do so.
In one Heavenly, impossible instant, God desires
to learn something from His Creation,
but not from something which does not have a choice.
From this desire to learn and be loved without compulsion
comes His one great decree—-

the Granting of Free Will to His Creations.

After which the Light shone even brighter than before.

God in the RH Bill


Frankly, it is unfair for the opponents of the RH Bill to bring in God into this. God has nothing to do with Man’s concoctions and machinations, party and politics, sex and hexes. And He is one opponent unlikely to be beaten, even via semantics.

God never mentioned abortion, birth control, and pills.

God gave Man the tools to help himself in this world.

Should the opponents of the RH Bill insisst that this bill is against the Word of God, they should point out which Word this is.

I say again, God gave Man free Will, or Free Choice if you may, which allows Man to obey or disobey God.

The RH Bill is not a bill to kill, rather it is a bill that provides the option to select a better deal.

The RH Bill, One Universal Viewpoint….

The RH Bill, One Universal Viewpoint

Almost all the opponents of the Reproductive Health Bill come from the Church. This is expected. In fact we would not have it any other way. They would lose our respect if they didn’t.

The debate regarding the passage of this bill has boiled down to the definition of conception and contraception, what is God’s Will and what is not.

The good portion of arguments against the passage of the RH Bill is based on church doctrine, which is actually based on church dogma, which is in turn sourced from God’s words.

Now, I do not profess to know God’s Words nor understand God’s logic. What I may be able to do is presume what God thinks, which I believe is one such herculean task  by measly ol’ me; a presumption which I hope may be understood by more beliefs than one, and consequently,  more faiths than one.

Let me then put it this way………

With all the majestic things that God has created in the universe—- the galaxies, the nebulae, the comets, the planets; and the beautiful things like the mountains, trees, flowers, land, and seas; therein lies in the artistry in Him that desire for these things to be appreciated. And within that second of a thought, Man was created, followed by Woman, both of which God imbued with a portion of Himself which we verily call the image of Himself. We can say that this image corresponds to intelligence, or maybe compassion, creativity, or whichever human trait we can think of that makes us closer to God than the animals. I say, however, that the trait that God gave Man and Woman the split image of Himself is FREE WILL.

God is the only God, There is no other. His is the only will, and therefore His Will is free. God gave Man and Woman free will, the same as what He has got, and never will He take this away from Man and Woman. But why free will?

It is true that the greatest joy from being appreciated should come from somebody who has a free choice, somebody who can say no, somebody who can argue, somebody who has a mine of his own, somebody who can disagree. God’s Angels and cherubs and seraphims all say praise to God in concert and are therefore bound to agree that what He created is good. This they do because they can do no other to God than praise God. So Man and Woman were created. They come with flimsy bodies and errant decisions, but with a free choice. And then came The Fall, after which God declared that living in Eden will henceforth become a reward and not a privilege.

But then I ask the question: why would God give Man and Woman the equipment and the process of replicating their kind if they would be punished for doing so?  And then add as parting words to Man and Woman to “live and multiply”? We may say that this was a test of obedience. I will also say that this was a test of obedience, and more so will I say that this was actually a test of free will.

The test proved to be a success because Man and Woman chose to disobey God and therefore exercised their free will. Could it have been more logical for God to place Man and Woman on earth and then get them to Eden as a reward for
obeying God?  Maybe so. But this is where churches come in—– to remind people that there is another place of
punishment called Hell, which is worse than living on earth.

Contraception, conception, abortion, promiscuity, family planning,  aids, condoms, pills, birth control, population explosion, poverty—-whatever argument we may bring out for or against the Reproductive Health Bill,
these would fail as an argument against the god-given right of free choice. Whether the RH Bill would prove to be bad or good, let conscience be the judge.

As a matter of fact, if we let conscience be the judge,
there would be no more need for the Reproductive Health Bill at all.