The Country Has Changed…..


And so sayeth the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, probably making a mark on the hastening of the new era in American political structure.

There are noteworthy changes made in the rulings regarding gay marriages, voting formulae, and abortion laws.

If one analyzes the trend that is going on in these decisions, the Supreme Court is simply falling back on the structure with which the United States is organized.

The United States is a remarkable analgamation of different states and regions. It is basically structured on a welded union of American States. Falling back to its essential foundations, the Supreme Court endeavors to give back to each state their decisions indepemdent from the Federal government. Jurisdiction is therefore vested upon each state legislature and government. And therefore we see cases being thrown back to the state courts for the necessary rulings. This is based on the belief that each state may have its own separate government which functions with the federal government only as regards federal issues.

This reminds me of the Canadian Notwithstanding clause afforded to the different provinces and territories.

Now, if gay marriages, abortions, immigration, and voting formulae have come within the Supreme Court agenda for change, would the Second Amendment get in there, too?