failure to spank

Open Season On Blacks

It appears that the season is now open.

The hunt is not for deer, though,

nor for the moose

nor for the elk.

It seems that the season is now open for blacks.

There has been a trend of police shooting blacks

who are almost always unarmed.

What we have here is a failure to communicate!*

Now I am not throwing you a curve

nor a breaking ball

but actually a broken ball.

Which should imply that you can’t hit it with a bat.

And even if you did, it would be a foul!

But all kidding aside,

the police officers do not communicate with the blacks

and the blacks do not communicate with the police officers.

This is why the blacks end up being shot by policemen.

The blacks don’t carry guns.

But hold on, that is not the only thing to consider—-

think about it—-

police officers carry guns

and also badges.

This implies that guns are carried with the the authority laid down by law.

Policemen should rule under situations requiring police presence.

And to maintain the peace they must control the situation.

It is then impossible to do just this if there are

contradictions to the police presence.

Contradictions like verbal aguments, swearing,

oppositions to police authority, and mostly

blatant exhibitions of disrespectful disregard

for police authority.

Whenever such incidents happen

the policemen lose their cool and draw their guns

in the effort to gain control of a situation

that he has already lost the moment he appeared.

Whatever happens then is just a matter of pulling the trigger,

if the policeman happens to be trigger-happy

or is just plain scared of a situation out of control.

Who is to blame for this?

It is clear that the police officers poclaim their authoity

in a loud manner.

But why the heck would there be a contradiction to this authority?

Would it not have been uneventful had the black stopped what he was doing

when the policeman said stop?

Wouldn’t it have been peaceful had the black got down from the vehicle

when the policeman told him to do so?

Wouldn’t it have been orderly had the black obeyed what the policeman

told him to do?

After all the policeman has the badge and the gun and the law to back him up!

Now why would blacks have the habit

of disregarding laws and rules and requirements

just to do what they want to do?

Schools make no difference in training them.

Neither do the parents in teaching them discipline.

There is no failure to communicate here.

There is just plain negligence to spank them.

And it looks like it is again open season on spanking blacks!

(*Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke)