Enter the Messiah

Chapter 9 The Roman Silver Coins

Enter The Roman Silver Coins

Moses had the Jews going well with God
during his lifetime.
But then came the Romans bearing gold
and silver coins to tempt the souls.
And the Jews lost their exemplary religious fervor
and drifted towards the sway of gold.
The Sixth to the Tenth Commandments
were all but snubbed.
And these are the all-important dictates
towards social relationship with the neighbors,
particularly the Ninth, where lies and false witness
may start the formation of cults and nefarious groups
and false pagan religions.
Life started to be controlled by money,
that influenced even the Temple administrators.
People started to complain
that the Ten Commandments were difficult to follow.
And that Lucifer is again hinting that the Creation of Man
was a useless project.
So God decided to go to Plan B,
or that wherein HE will go down to Earth
in the form of Man.
Enter now Jesus, the Redeemer,
the ONE prophesied to be born of a virgin,
to die for Man’s sins,
and to be resurrected.


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