Defense treaties

The Final Count up

The Final Count up


No, it’s not the final count down, it’s the final count up. We are starting to solve the problem of Syria by steps. Remember that I said I am not going to guess what is in Putin’s mind? Well, I am going to try to suggest something which Putin might just put into his mind.

But first let us review what is obtaining in Syria. The country is loaded with people of all sorts that appear to do the country harm, or at least control the country for all their selfish purposes, some of these purposes are economical, some are political, a lot of them are both. I guess we can now safely say Syria is infested.

When Russia went in on Assad’s invitation, the sterilization of the country was initiated. But now it seems that not only sterilization is required, but a complete cauterization and then, immunization.

What is significant in Russia’s bombings is that it is now fully known what the intentions are of the countries that figure with the events in Syria, particularly those that have made the conclusion that Assad must step down from his presidency. Curiously enough, this obsession to depose Assad will be the root of the solution. For in reality, Assad is the recognized legitimate President and ruler of Syria. To remove him from power will require a coup or an election or an assassination or negotiation.

So let us start the final count up from the present situation that we have. Putin is angry because he has lost a lot of Russians from this particular operation. What bothers him is that what friendly sides he should be having with him are all becoming stumbling blocks. I believe that if he has a free hand in the solution of Syria’s infestation, everything political, and not military, may be the final solution and will thereby be the end of this final count up. Confusing, isn’t it. But let me put it this way.

If Assad is legal President and ruler of Syria, and legitimate according to the UN principles, then he can enter into treaties , more specifically DEFENSE treaties; or that which is very much like NATO, or any mutual defense treaty with any country, more specifically, Russia. This treaty will basically state that any invasion of Syria will be considered an invasion of Russia, which will come to the aid of Syria if it were invaded. The ISIS, Libyans, Turks, Iraqis, and any foreigners which Assad will deem as invaders are liable to be repulsed by Assad’s government and also Russia’s forces.

In this particular scenario even the Europeans and Americans will be considered as invaders if Assad says so. If there be no distinction between Free Syrians and ISIS, both will be bombed. The American mercenaries will then be considered as trespassers, unless of course they have visas, have diplomatic immunities, or have been invited by Assad. The rebels may of course negotiate a peaceful surrender, ask for pardon and wangle a spot in Assad’s government. They will also be required to carry identification cards as all Syrians do.

As for Syria, it can also have defense treaties with as many countries as it likes.

A parting word for this first count up—–Syria is as important to Russia as Tibet is to China





(next: this time, you guess what is next)