Q-Swab No. 2-Facebook Censorship

Facebook now informs its users

that it will remove any article or statement

posted on their websites if said articles or posts

will have them bear complaints

that may lead to legal action.

Since Facebook is offered free to its users,

it has all the rights and privileges to do this.

The users do not own Facebook.

This website of mine,

Shrapnel Off The Wall,

is paid for by me.

Any complaints about its contents

should be borne by me, 

and not my hosting provider WHC.

WHC may not remove  what I post here.

WHC may complain about my posts though,

in which case this will be a matter

between WHC and me.




One form of tyranny: the government controlling the media:


There should be a limit, a boundary, a line on everything that is considered free.

Comes the question—–who draws the line?