cease and Desist


This network of ABS-CBN

has been a bulwark in Philippine media.

In a no-brainer, macho-seeking impulse,

the NTC will spark a constitutional crisis

when it ordered a cease and desist operation

due to the expiration of its franchise.

This is stupid,

 Any franchise can and will be renewed as long as

the network did not endeavor to act against the principles of

Democracy for the purpose of actively fomenting a rebellion.

This action again proves my theory

that the leaders of the government

of the Republic of the Philippines

are strict and straight in their love of country

for the first two years of administration,

after which they learn the sinister evils brought about

by the powers afforded them.

And thereafter they use their ingrown horns,

instead of their heads,

to govern.



Whatever the excuse of the NTC to block the franchise

of ABS-CBN, this will backfire.

The crisis has afforded the network the biggest

publicity it will ever receive.

Deserving notice has been given the international press

about the plight of the network which in turn has received

sympathetic words from the international press.

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