cancer cure

Survival Rate

If a drug or treatment professes to be a cure

but alerts the patient with a disclaiming survival rate,

then this drug or treatment is not a cure,

but merely an attempt to cure.

In cases involving cancer or mutated cells,

this rate is more specifically termed

as survivor rate.

Or simply the ratio of the number of patients that survived

as against the number of patients initially treated.

Dreadful, isn’t it?

But this is true.

Even if the patient survives the treatment

he or she is still not cured.

What then have we missed?

Not much.

All the scientists and medical researchers all over the world

know what the targets are and even have these bracketed,

still they miss, why?

Because they must formulate the cures that fight against the human body!

The body processes that are designed to replenish and prolong

life are the very means that threaten t0 kill the body.

The rogue cells that have been subdued, suppressed, and inhibited to grow

have at any one time been let loose and cause havoc

thru simple uncontrolled replication.

These cells are those that are mutated.

By analogy, these are the cars that come out of the assembly line

and have been allowed to go through by mistake

even if it had only three wheels.

If more copies of this three-wheeled cars are made

then it becomes a cancerous model.

The biggest problem in getting rid of this model

is that some cars, maybe of the same color,

will have to be destroyed, too.

With cancer patients under treatment,

the normal cells will have to be destroyed also

at the same time that the cancerous cells are destroyed.

And thereon comes the statement

that the patients suffer not from the cancer

but from the cure,

meaning the side effects of the cure.