Obama’s Budget


U.S. President Obama’s budget that was submitted to U.S. Congress appears to be a popular one. It spreads the wealth amongst the people.

President Obama talks about the duty of every American to pay taxes. Also, he aims to reduce the tax deductions for the wealthy.

This brought out the ire of the rich Americans, noteworthy of which is Donald Trunp, who made a snipe on President Obama’s birthright from behind the bushes.

Irritated, President Obama bares the complete documentation of his birth.

This unwarranted , cowardly swipe on a President can happen only in America,

where a nation started as the poor, the tired, and the hungry.

Personally, I never watched Trump’s shows. They are boringly uncommon, or rather, they are uncommonly boring.

I still believe that Obama is good for his country, good for the world.