banana republic

Going Bananas

The Republican Party

may now be officially called

the Banana Republican Party.

Poor Losers

Rabble rousers

ugly Americans

make America  great

in riots and street protests.

Freedom of Expression

is their weapon.

Brown Shirts

is their uniform.

They have so much time on their hands.

They should work to harvest bananas

in July.



Left-wing Terrorist

And finally what I was afraid would happen has happened.

A left-wing Democrat gunned down

Republican lawmakers in a terrorist-style rampage.

Fueled by leftist propaganda,

Democrat-leaning Hodgkinson mowed down

several Republican members of Congress in baseball practice

and was proceeding to do more damage

had he not been shot down himself

by alert Capitol policemen.

And thereafter is initiated the change in the attitude

and disposition of the American people.

Their state of mind will now be at most

comparable only to that of a lowly

banana republic. 

Starting now, not all roads will lead to America,

 the land of the queer

and the home of the grave.