The Republican Quandary

And so, after going thru the motions

of defending Trump,

the defense team now faces a Senate approval

of allowing witnesses on the stand.

These witnesses that

The House Impeachment Managers will call

would be those who would declare that

Trump did not incite them

on a mere “peaceful” protest only

and not a door and glass-breaking riot.

After all, Trump is already disowning them

as a mob that he did not incite.

The quandary of the witnesses is actually

a Republican quandary,

The party is now being labeled as a white supremacist

fascist party by none other than the minority groups,

or those groups that actually voted down Trump.

As I said,

whatever happens, the damage has been done!

Unless the Republicans

 disentangle themselves

of Trump and his white supremacists,

the whole country will be thrown into a struggle

between the white supremacists

and the minorities.

Asians with Stolen Passports?


You must be kidding. These may be lies that you are spreading over the media just to counter what I surmised as Caucasians with stolen passports boarding the Malaysian Airlines plane.

You are telling us that Asians would pass as bon-giorno Italian and olelele-oo Austrians?

Think of the repercussions—this would necessarily mean that here has been a collusion with the Caucasians and the ticket checkers!

Clean up your whiskers!

Another tip—-even if the whole length of the baggage compartment were filled with explosives of the powerful kind, the wings and the tail would not have disintegrated.

And while we are on the subject of false reporting, how about this—–the whole plane may have been abducted by aliens who may have a hankering for Asian food on Asian plates.

Shades of the Bermuda triangle.

Brown Boys


I believe when they say brown boys, they are referring to those boys who are neither black nor white. More specifically, they would be referring to asians, orientals, and just about anybody who do not agree to their heritage being traced back to black or white.

Blacks and whites should therefore refrain from saying that browns are included in their racial types.

Browns (not brownies) are more family-oriented and as such the young are treated with much care and concern. These young brown people are not seen outside their homes after dark, nor engage in illegal, repugnant acts as drugs, burglaries, holdups and such. They are law-abiding and their parents teach them to be so.

In this particular aspect at least, browns refuse to be considered as part of the groups which are commonly called black and white.

Therefore, for purposes of specificity, please do not call browns as blacks, or whites. It annoys them!