annuder mistek

Soldiers of Fortune


Private Contractors?

Presently their existence, and subsistence, is in question.

They are desperately trying to prove their worth.

A billion dollars in contract is at stake.

It has been aired in public that the 752 might have been downed

by mistake.

Mistake by whom?

Remember that there was no word yet after 2 hours

of the Iranian missile strikes that there were no casualties

to prove that there was no need to retaliate

against Iran anymore as was planned.

But they did anyway.


Trump never ordered a retaliation like this…

In fact, Trump may never have ordered the assassination of Soleimani.

He only said so to get credit for it!

The downing of the 752 was done as a retaliation for the

presumed damages to the American air bases.

The Iranians could never haveĀ fired

on the unarmed airlinerĀ  carrying friendly passengers,

knowing that they are under peaceful de-escalation.

I believe that some people know for certain

who done the downing

but don’t yap about it.

Dong worri, we’ll do the yapping—

(If you do not agree with my trend of thought, just consider yourselves entertained..)