American Lotteries

The U.S. Lotteries

These lotteries are straight and simple

Random generated numbers,

No rigging.

Ask one who has dabbled with probabilities

and he will tell you that there are trends

in the numbers drawn that will prove

the improbability of the randomness.

(Whatever that means)

For instance, the number 27, or any number

which is drawn 5-times in succession

may have been rigged;

or an afternumber having similar properties asĀ 

the companion number as regards

number of hits, median, etc. in stats

must show some instances of rigging.

But what the heck!

As long as somebody wins, its OK by me.

Also, any computer machine which is

programmed by man should not be trusted.

Ask the Republicans.

BTW, I tried some numbers for the Florida Powerball.

I hit three numbers the first time around.

But I could not get to a terminal here to buy tickets.

No tickets sold here for the American lotteries.