150 years old

Trumpcare No Go

The Republican Health Care Bill

is stymied in the US Senate.

I expected this—

The US Congress  is up against the same problems

encountered by Obamacare.

Not meeting these stumbling blocks head on

will doom to faill all the health care proposals that can be conjured.

Just imagine this—–

if both parties claim that their proposals

would tend to have

millions of Americans without health care—-

these are bound to fail.

Now, the Canadian Health Care,

of which I benefit from,

is unanimously popular in Canada.

No complaints from anybody.

 This is the foremost feature of this country

that makes it the number one country

where people would like to live.

At 150 years of age, Canada has become

the envy of the world.

BTW, those Americans who vehemently announced

that they will move to Canada

the minute Trump is elected President,

I may ask them impatiently—

how long do we have to wait!!!