Another Goof!

I have already told you readers

that this web host has mangled my site so many times.

Well this is another of those.

And still it appears thatr they do not kbow what is wrong

or how they did it.

The last post that you see was done using another method.

but what seems to be the failure of these techs

is that they do not understand how ftp accounts work.

Also the manner by which files are backed up and restored.

But right now they are following my instructions of not

to back up nor touch my files unless I asked them to.

But they did manipulate their servers (again) in such a way

that everything was turned topsy-turvy.

This site has been down ever since the last WHC maintenance.

And they call themselves the number one webhosting company.

The good thing about this is that

they will not be capable of developing ransomwares

and are therefore not in any way will they be blamed

for these nefarious acts.

(What follows is a copy of my latest reply

to the support ticket. I did promise to publish this)

“It appears that one of us does not know what he or she is talking about.
Ftp accounts when clicked are actually converted to url’s,

and a shortcut appears with the caption “Index of ftp”
For example :
when clicked opens up the index of the ftp shrapnel
and further lists down the files within the ftp.
This has been the way it works ever since June of 2009.
You guys mangled the site again.
if I did prove to you that your last maintenance changed something,

I would have told you people up there that one of us is stupid.
No offense meant.
Now get on with it.

And don’t prove what you say by quoting that system before the maintenance work that you did.”

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