Whittle, whittle


This would be a better term to describe

my process of paring down the numbers.

Right now, for the June 11 lottomax draw,

I have started whittling down the numbers

from a first glace of 46 numbers,

to 42 numbers,

and thence to 32 numbers.

Finally, I have a shaky group of 13-numbers

plus an ignored group of 7-numbers, which are:


Now don’t you ignore these numbers.

Because every time I do,

WCLC chooses to draw at least 2-numbers

from these.

18,31,and 34 are still talking sense.

Actually, I will make a bet on this one combi,

just to tease WCLC.

As for the 13-numbers?

HMMMM! I may just give you all the 32 numbers.

That way there is something to win.


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