Sink Holes

If you enter the term “climate change”

in the search box above,

this site will open into several posts

regarding greenhouse effect.

I still agree on the carbon dioxide theory 

of climate change but I still say this is not

the only thing that affects the weather.

Now, again consider this :

Even if the consumption of fossilized fuel

has been drastically reduced as a consequence of

this pandemic,

the climate still changes drastically.

And I say again the earth has wobbled on its axis.

So much oil has been pumped out from the earth

that its center of gravity,

or to be more specific,

its center of rotation

has shifted.

The wobble has now become more pronounced.

Even if the sea water sips in to occupy the space vacated

its specific gravity will be different than that of oil.

And the wobble will continue.

As a result, the ice cap melts when it comes closer to the sun.

Warmer temperatures will be experienced in the Polar regions.

Floods will come and snow will fall in areas where it should not.

In some particular regions where underground water

reservoir empties towards the vacated oil spots,

underground caverns will result,

and sink holes will occur in a seemingly impossible event.

Fracking vacates more earth space than can be imagined.

Think about it.


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