Texas Catastrophe

Whom to blame?

It is normal for us

not to blame the weather for the natural disasters

that we experience.


Because calamities due to weather occur naturally.

We blame people instead

because people are the ones who can alleviate

or reduce the effects of these disasters to our sufferings.

The Texans have just pointed the blame to the owners of the

power company that failed to generate the emergency electricity

required to combat the cold freeze.

The power grid, or that station that distributes power

failed considerably.

Now, power generating stations produce more power than

necessary to supply its customers.

In those times when the demand is bigger than the station

can produce, it looks for another supply from another region.

This requires a power sharing agreement with the others.

This sharing is an automatic connection between power grids.

Texas has its own power grid and does not share power with

other generating stations.

So therefore there was not any other power grid to get

the emergency electricity from. 

This power sharing was not adopted because the cold freeze

of this magnitude was not expected in Texas.

Consequently, the advanced windmill generators also froze

due to lack of anti-cold synthetic oil transmission gear systems

plus automatic heaters inside the windmills.

But then again, the weather has changed its habits these days.

Warm regions are having snowfalls,

Cold regions have experienced ice melts.

There must be something else that is causing this climate change.

And I daresay it is not merely a greenhouse effect.

My next post may blow your wits off

when I suggest the other cause for this weather tantrums.



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