Cal and Aaron

Cal and Aaron

might as well have been titled
Cain and Abel.
But this story is not about Good and Evil.
It is about Good and Bad
and the changes that goes in between.
While it is true that God does not destroy
and HE does not kill there is that possibility
that HE may not even punish.
For why would he maim or hurt those which
are the created images of HIMSELF?
More so, if HE is truly the God of Mercy,
HE will shower boundless forgiveness unto Man.
I am guessing that God is still bewildered by
the unpredictability of Man with his free will.
Sometimes Man is good, most times he is bad.
God knows that Man is not evil, though, and
HE knows that Man will come around
given time and the right amount of love.
Love changes everything
and because of this, God may postpone,
or may even altogether forego
HIS Day of Judgement.

This story depicts the interplay between Good and Bad
and the Love that changes everything.



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