Seven Last Words, cont.

To recap what I have said so far :
God came down to Earth to show the way.
People have been complaining thet
HIS Commandments are difficult to follow
as a whole and to be able to do this
one has to be a god himself.
Therefore to show how man can obey
HIS Commandments completely
HE HIMSELF must show the way.
And HE has to do this by assuming the form of man
with Man’s frailties including the feeling of pain.
So while his form, that of Jesus now pinned to the Cross,
HE speaks partly as God wills and partly as man in pain.
After the First Three of Seven Words, HE speaks as God.
The next four of the Seven Last Words
HE will be speaking as Man specifically as Man in agony.
HE had his agony first in the Garden when Jesus asked
the Father to lat this destiny on the Cross pass
because of the pain HE has to endure.
HIS experience as a carpenter got him to know about
beams and the size of the nails to attach these to a post.
The pain of using these nails to pin HIS arms to a beam
should have a painful thought.
More so with a bigger-sized nail to pin two feet to a post.

Fourth of Seven

“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

At about this time, the pain must start to hurt.
This is the Man speaking, it would not hurt if HE were
speaking as God.
He realizes that this is HIS destiny and it has to continue
if HE has to save the world from sin.
Such words could not have been said
if HE were to use the Function of God.
More memorable it is to show the Way were HE
to experience excruciating pain and show it.

Fifth of Seven

“I Thirst.”

A symbolic meaning to these words is HIS thirst
for the love and adoration of the people HE Loves.
At any rate, HE was given acidic vinegar
on a sponge to sip on.

Sixth of Seven

“It is finished.”

After several hours (maybe three) pain diminishes
and Jesus feels death creeping in.
HIS Function, and God’s Divine Plan is in completion.
And HE says this, if only to remind HIMSELF.

Seven of Seventh

“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

The Son of God returns to God the Father.
Jesus dies and the Earth trembles and the Heavens roar
as if both were the ones which gave up the ghost.

“Truly,” the Romans say, “this is the Son of God!”

These last words dramatize the fact which remains both
a mystery and controversy to some other people—-
that there exists JESUS, HIS SPIRIT, and THE FATHER
all rolled into one TRINITY.



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