The Consequence of Decapitation

The Consequence of Decapitation

The hospitable tolerance of Muslims has ended.
The beheading of a teacher in France
resulted in a worldwide scrutiny
of Islam and what it is all about.
The weaknesses of Islam has not been
as dramatized as up to now.
it shows that the Muslims in Europe
are incapable of producing their own food,
focusing their efforts to pray 5 times a day
and to propagate the membership of
what they call their religion,
and at the same time complaining that
they are under discrimination.
The truth is wherever there are Muslims in Europe
there is trouble.
There is no such thing as Islamophobia.
There is no reason to fear Islam.
This concept was started to establish a kingdom
and govern it somewhere in the middle East.
What would be moreĀ  attractive a recruiting item
than that including the word of a god in the set of rules?
Thus resulted in the inclusion of the imaginary God, Allah;
a pseudo prophet, Mohammed;
and a nit-and-pick,
mix-and-match, plagiarized book
that is sex-oriented.
The only good thing about Islam
is that it requires discipline and order
within its ranks
at the same time promoting a unity of purpose.
But then again, this is also offered

by all forms of world religions

and cults.


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