Chapter 6 The Divine Plan

The Divine Plan

God’s Plan for the Redemption
was conceived after the Fall from Grace
of Adam and Eve which removed
the Providential Protection from Paradise.
However, with Man’s unpredictable nature
and his tendency to corrupt himself,
this Divine Plan needed modifications.
Firstly, the whole kaboodle must be cleansed.
The Great Water Deluge slooshed in to Paradise
and Noah had to save the rest of the creatures.
God instructed him to select pairs of the moving creatures
to save in his Ark, distinctly emphasizing PAIRS.
They have to be in pairs so that when two are gathered
in the midst of them would be God, and not Lucifer.
Ultimately, the Ark settled in a place called Eden
where God planned to propagate the world with
Abraham’s brood.

(Notice that this story is out of whack
when it comes to chronology.
This is told in God’s viewpoint, and as so,
time is not under strict consideration
since it does have no bearing
where God is concerned.
After all, wasn’t HE the one that said
“I  AM even before Abraham”
Also, this is not gospel, because I will not be able
to go back that far in time to start one.)

Now where were we?
Oh yes, Abraham.
He is the one who begot a son with Hagar,
the maid servant of his wife, Sarah.
He named this one Ishmael,
and he was sired with Sarah’s consent.
This would make Ishmael legitimate.
But not in God’s eyes.
HE has emphatically  pointed out that
those selected in the Ark would be in PAIRS.
Ishmael, therefore, is a bastard son.
So HE sent Ishmael and Hagar away to
East of Eden
where illicit sex and overpowering lust abound
specifically within Sodom and Gomorrah.
And then Abraham now had a son called Isaac.
God then put Abraham to another test of obedience.
He has to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to God,
a sacrifice which God aborted in time.
So now Abraham’s brood propagated in the land
West of Eden where God again subjected it
under HIS Providential Protection.
HIS Divine Plan continues to unfold to where it
culminates in HIS going down to West of Eden
to personally teach them how to obey HIM
and mostly to worship HIM and to love HIM.
But the lingering thought comes now
that these people failed to worship HIM because
they do not understand what would happen if they
do not worship HIM.
They still do not know why they should worship HIM.
Lucifer was right, these people are being pampered.
HE has provided them with everything they need
West of Eden, and in Paradise, too.
They have taken things for granted.
So HE decided to show the unfortunate things
that would befall them should they forget about HIM
and the good things that would bring them
should they show HIM their supplication.
Consequently, harm and good came to them
in events as told in the Old Testament wherein God
exhibited powers and miracles and communicated
with his chosen Prophets.
These Prophets will actually advise God how to make the
ultimate Redemption of mankind and the idea of Jesus.
But first will come the ultimate Prophet,
or he who will present what Jesus will teach—-
The Ten Commandments.
Lately included in these commandments is the one that reads
“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife”
which is reminiscent of Ishmael.


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