The Land Called Canaan

The Hebrews, now called the Jews,
starred in the Christian Holy Bible,
particularly and exclusively
in the Old Testament.
They starred in those pages
being called the Chosen people of God.
That is, until the Messiah came
in the form if Jesus.
Naturally, which Jew would agree that
the Messiah has come to supplant Judaism.
Anyhow, they became wanderers.
To Egypt first which was a very bad experience.
Thence to the Land of Milk and Honey
where manna from Heaven just floats down
to sustain them.
Somehow, from one flaw or another
the manna stopped coming down
and God cuts off further communication with them.
So they were forced to move out again
in search of manna,
now colloquially termed as money.
This land was vacated and was taken over by
people now called Palestinians.
After another bad experience in Europe,
the compassionate peoples of the world gathered them
and formed an exodus back to the land
of olives and oranges called Israel.
At the same time expelling the Palestinians
from their homes and lands from the land called Israel.
the Wandering Jews are now there to stay.
But a lot has happened–
one particular place is held holy
by other religions.
This place is called Jerusalem
and the people that establishes this place as its capital
will have all the rights to build an army around it
and hold all political authority of the lands
adjacent to it.
And thus now you know the root cause
of the conflict in the land called Israel.

Behold now the sad plight of the world
in this land called Israel
caused by the Jews’ incessant greed
for that manna
that made them desert this place called Israel.
Another lesson from God’s Divine Plan.


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