Chapter 5 The Trinity

The Trinity

As the name implies, it is a trio
or three persons, which gives it
the controversy among religious circles,
particularly among the adversarial groups
that seek to bring down Christianity.
The ensuing debates usually involve verses
in the Bible, inviting interplay of semantics.
Impassioned exchanges of opinion usually
are seen that oftentimes do not result in
decisive conclusions.
Simple laymen’s terms could have explained
the doctrine of the Trinity better.
Now try this.
the customary explanation for the the Trinity
is Three Persons in one.
This invites more arguments as it still implies
three people, or, to be more specific,
three individuals, or something that would refer to
Pedro, Pablo, and Juan living inside Jose,.
If, instead of referring to the Trinity
as Three Persons in One, try defining the Trinity
as three FUNCTIONS of one person.
The Holy Spirit, and God the Son, are all Functions
of God the Father.
If God the Father will disseminate Knowledge,
He will use His Function of the Holy Spirit.
The Function of God the Son He will use
in HIS Grand Plan to save the world.
Notice that in this principle, Mother Nature
now qualifies to be the Fourth Person of God,
excepting that her Function is birth and death,
not creation, which is the Function of God the Father
who holds dominion over all.
A simpler explanation of the Trinity would be a parable,
I mean, an example.
If I am the father of a household, I will be called the Cook
were I to cook the meals.
Cook is one of my functions.
I will be called a driver if I drive them to work.
Driver is another of my functions.
I am a cook, a driver, and a father,
all in one person, three different functions.
You will not see me as three different individuals.
Notice that in the Bible, the Three Persons
are not seen together doing the same Function?
There is only one of them.
Only in that event when God the Father
announces that Jesus is the Son in whom
HE is well pleased is there the instance when
these two are referred to in one scene.
But this is when Jesus was being baptized
and is yet to become the Son of Man.
By the way, when I say that God the Father does not destroy,
I meant that God the Father does not obliterate.
God did not destroy the Walls of Jericho,
HE brought it down.
God does not destroy hosts and armies,
HE prevails over them.
And one other thing—
my father named me Emmanuel.
The doctor who delivered me added
a second name, Salvador.
It has been excessively difficult to live up
to the first name.
It will be impossible to do the second one.

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