Muslim Crowd Dispersal

There is no more unruly a crowd than a Muslim crowd.

Their minds are washed

then filled with tunneled ideas.

No logic there, no sane reasoning,

just temper.

How does one control an unruly crowd?

An unruly Muslim crowd?

Spray them with a mixture of pork oil and water.

See how fast they disperse.

They may actually break up the protest.

Just make sure that the Muslims have been forewarned

before you start spraying.

It would be unholy for you not to warn them first.

In fact, to deter terrorist acts,

splash pork oil mixture on their dead bodies

and publicize what has been done.

The ultimate deterrent

is to wrap them in pork skin.

But this item is hard to find

since pork skin is processed to a delicacy called


(or use pork fat, even pork bouillon cubes)

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