Credit Scam Chapter 8

What are the tools used by the scammers?

The one single tool that is imperative for them to scam

is information.

They have to know the info to get in

and manipulate your credit card .

Notice that you are required to give personal info

when you make a purchase on line.

The card number is required

and also the cvv numbers at the back of the card.

Next is the name on the card and the expiration date. 

they can, of course, make a duplicate of this card from this data.

But card impressions are not used today.

Card readers are more secure if you use the card in person.

On line purchases require your date of birth in some cases.

Maybe don’t provide this as this item is now a very personal¬†

matter that warrants excessive concern on your part

and should be provided only if requested by phone.

Your credit is based on this.

Unfortunately there are other ways by which scammers

get their info on the card holders.

Fortunately, I do not have to tell you how they get info.

Simply because if I did, this knowledge may propagate

this evil enterprise.

I may just provide some ways to better

protect against scammers.

Such protection which I have in mind

has to have the cooperation of both card holders

and credit companies that issue the card.

It may be complicated.

But hey, it protects.


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