Q-Swab No. 1 — Novichok

This is Q-Swab No. 1,

so entitled because it seeks to tittilate

your nasal sensors enough for you to sneeze,

or at least take an irritated concern for it.


a chemical that attacks the brain,

has now been specified by a German Military laboratory

as the chemical used on Navalny,

a Russian oppositionist to the government.

While this Military Laboratory in the world is the only

one among the many international laboratories

which made similar tests on Navalny

but found him negative for Novichok,

the whole German government liderato

condemns Russia¬†for this “crime against humanity”.

It still has to be established though,

that the other international laboratories which

made similar tests on Navalny,

were mistaken

What could now be established ,

is that Germany is intruding

on Russia’s political problems.

The situation has now been made possible

wherein Germany may either ask Russia

for a good explanation

or Gazprom

for a good discount on it’s gas prices.


(Germany has learned much from the Americans, eh?)


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