Waiting For The Strike

Iran is not de-escalating.

Neither is it escalating.

IT IS consolidating.

Preparations are being made for the attack

which is in response to the assassination

of its top general.

The Iranian military promised a strike

but my hunch is it will not be from the military arm.

It would be from a specialized mercenary force.

This method relieves Iran from the international

rules regarding intentions to declare war.

In other words, this method does not fall within

the articles of war.

It should be remembered that it was the Americans

that used these mercenaries effectively in the Middle East,

even renaming the armed force as private contractors.

Guess what. The Iranians will use these private contractors

quid pro quid or whatever.

More confusion will thereafter arise because these

Iranian private contractors

are actually within the US already.

It should be recalled that the Persians have been using mercenaries

already during the reign of Darius.

Remember Xenophon’s 10,000 Greeks?

An attack using private contractors will not represent a violation

of the Rules of War and thereforeĀ will not imply a declaration of war.

Incidentally, the private contractors in service for the US

have provided a whole load of false intelligence info

to theirĀ  handlers causing confusion in the militry

and the diplomatic corps in such a way that there

is a growing rift between these branches of government.

Their last report is that Soleimani is planning a big attack.

My guess is that the plan was actually to synchronize

with the religious organzations to ask the Iraqi government

to kick out the American troops.

Which they did, anyway.

But no killing was intended.

In fact, the Iranian military does not kill Americans.

extremists do that,

But for the Americans,

the whole blasted Muslim people are extremists.

FYI, extremists are not soldiers.Big mistek!


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