Scheer Vs. Progressives

As his own party blames him for the defeat

at the last election,

Andrew Scheer hangs on as Party Leader.

And if I might put in my million-member word,

the reason why the conservatives lost is due to

the party’s own promise of cutting back on expenses.

This about scared the voters from Eastern Canada

that if the Progressives win the equalization payments

will be cut off.

Presently, there is not one member of the Progressive Party

that can replace Andrew Scheer and still secure the support

of ALL of Alberta.

However, everybody knows that the next government

will be formed by the Progressives,

aye, and there’s the rub.

Bringing Scheer down will give Alberta back to the NDP.

Remember that Alberta did not vote for the Progressive.

Alberta voted for the pipeline.

No pipeline, no Progressive.

Rachel Notley, NDP, was not re-elected as Alberta Premier

because her own NDP party member, Singh,

refuses to allow the TMX in to BC.

Do not listen much to any Quebecer’s words against Alberta.

Quebec is going down.

Alberta now know how it bleeds Canada,

Alberta mostly.

(million members?)

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